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As an internationally renowned Health Expert, Celebrity Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Life Coach, Environmental Health Expert, Speaker, Mother, and Author, promoting healthy living, natural medicine, and good nutrition has long been Birgit’s life's work.

When Birgit realized the serious nutritional problems facing children today, she discovered her passion and created Pauli Broccoli & Friends - a global company and fan base providing healthy, educational and inspirational alternatives, instead of just the traditional health information and fantasy role models available to kids and parents today.

Birgit Waites

Providing healthy, educational and inspirational alternatives

Pauli Broccoli's world adventures

Birgit’s exposure to the natural health field started at the young age of 4 in Germany, where her Grandpa taught her everything he knew about nutrition and herbalism. She then lived in Africa and Asia as well as all over the US where she continued her journey of learning.

Birgit has worked with a well-known health clinic, high level companies, exclusive country clubs, and celebrity/high end private clients worldwide to promote better, more mindful, and most importantly sustainable lifestyles. She accomplishes this through lectures, wellness programs, one-on-one consultations and comprehensive nutritional therapies.

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Birgit Waites

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