The Adventures of Pauli Broccoli | Pauli Broccoli
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The Adventures of Pauli Broccoli

Pauli Broccoli

The Adventures of Pauli Broccoli

Pauli Broccoli lived on a small farm in Tasty Town, USA, owned by farmer Bob, his wife, Ethel, and their two children Max and Suzy.  Many other vegetable friends of all colors grew up around Pauli. His best friends were Pamela Carrot, Bakey Potato and Cecilia Celery. As autumn approached, the vegetables grew excited. They had spent their entire lives looking forward to getting harvested for the benefits of mankind. Did you know that fruit and veggies love to have parties in your tummies? They also really enjoy making us all happy and healthy!

What happens next? Stay tuned for Pauli’s next blog.

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