Pauli Broccoli & Friends on TV | Pauli Broccoli
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Pauli Broccoli & Friends on TV

Pauli Broccoli

Pauli Broccoli & Friends on TV

Pauli Broccoli & Friends were featured on TV again, this time in Germany!
Go to the 7 minute mark to see our world renowned  illustrator Rainer Simon and celebrity translator Heiko Volz, along with our book!,-Kessel-Culture-New-Fall-%2B-Rikas-und-Illustrator-Rainer-Simon-Wir-In-Stuttgart-vom-21112017-_vidid,131918.html

We are on a mission to empower children and families to thrive globally; through healthy, fun, positive education and entertainment.

Move over Disney! Pauli & Friends are providing healthy, educational and inspirational alternatives to the traditional health information
and fantasy role models available to kids and parents today.
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